Sustainable production is the Algerest highest priority!


Algerest OÜ is in the process of integrating sustainability aspects into the core of its business strategy.

ROHEAUDIT (GREEN AUDIT) – “Roheauditi läbiviimine ettevõttes Algerest OÜ”, „Green audit in Algerest OÜ“
CORPORATIVE CARBON FOOTPRINT – „Algerest OÜ organisatsiooni süsiniku jalajälje hindamine“, „Algerest OÜ corporative carbon footprint asssesment“

The Algerest OÜ vision is to become a leader in the manufacturing and installation of metal structures within the Baltic countries and Scandinavia. In today’s business landscape, enhanced competitiveness in markets relies more and more on adopting circular economy practices and transforming existing business models. The project aims to assess the current state of the company’s „green“ capacity and its capability to engage in sustainable business development, design, and innovation comprehensively. The project activities includes also the calculation of the company’s carbon footprint and recommendations that foster sustainable development.


The project is support by the European Union fund “NextGenerationEU” with the amount of 6 725 euros.